Roof Repair

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Roof Repair



Following years of wear and tear, and protecting you from weather and the elements your roof may need some repairs.  Redmond Roofing's experienced roofing contractors can improve your home's structural integrity and protection, by making roofing repairs.


Your roof may require repairs due to the roof’s age or weather conditions.  How to know if your roof needs repairs?

  • Missing or torn shingles: increases the likelihood of nearby shingles being blown off.
  • Curling or split shingles: indicates that they’ve lost their waterproofing layers.
  • Missing flashing around your chimneys, skylights or vent pipes: can lead to a leaky roof.
  • Discolorations, cracked paint or peeling wallpaper: a sure sign that you’re experiencing a leak roof.


Products installed include:  

Asphalt Composition Shingles (Certainteed Presidential and Landmark, Pabco Premier, Malarkey Vista and Legacy...and many others)

CEDAR Shakes - Premium CCA or Raw – Heavy, Medium or Custom-Cut

Single Ply Membrane - For Flat/Low Pitch roofs we prefer to us PVC membrane.

Metal Roofing – Nu-Ray is our way.

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